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Thank you so much for visiting Bethel Tours 4 U. We are excited to share Bethel  and NY with you.  All of our tour packages include tours to Warwick (World Headquarters), Patterson and Wallkill Bethels.  There are other options you can add to your tour package. These options include 2 Bible Metropolitan Museum tours (Woman and her Offspring and Integrity), Walking City Tour and

Spiritual Activities with local friends and congregation.

We now offer International Itineraries for Isreal, Greece,

Germany, Belgium, London and Rome.

Feel free to checkout our NY Itineraries and our International Itineraries.

All of our NY tours include free transportation from the moment you arrive at

the airport to the moment you depart. We allow 10 individuals in our tour 

groups each week.  Each tour package includes accommodation in our own

home that we have set up for our guests. Our goal is to make your stay

comfortable physically and spiritually. What is not included in our tour

packages is food and souvenirs or any extra sightseeing where there is a fee.

Our International Itineraries are for our Adventurous friends who

would like to have some freedom on their trip but would also like to

travel and learn new things with guided tours. Food is not

included or souvenirs with these packages. Ask for details.

We also offer rooming accommodations for those who are traveling to NY and Bethel but who already have their own transportation and tour plans. Please look at our Book a room page for more details.


Patterson Bethel

Metropolitan Museum

Wallkill Bethel

Warwick Bethel