Frequently Asked Questions


How do I know which Bethel Tour is right for me?

Our tours are offered based on the time you have available and whether you want to include airfare. Please contact us if you need assistance in figuring out the correct tour package for you personally.

Where does the Round Trip Airfare originate from?

Any major airport closest to you is where you will fly from and to. Where possible we will try to get you direct flights and the airfare we purchase includes a personal item and carry on. We recommend trying to travel with a carry on only. We are tight on space in our passenger van when we pick up 10 guests at one time. We have a washer and dryer available to our guests. We also provide body wash, soap, shampoo and conditioner and a hair dryer to reduce your luggage space.

Do I need to reserve my own tours at the Bethel facilities or with the Bible Met Museum tours?

No. Once you have confirmed your tour dates with Bethel Tours 4 U, we will reserve all tours at Bethel and at the Met for our guests.

What sightseeing is included in your tour packages?

We realize that everyone who tours with us will like to see different sights. We offer 9 different tour packages to choose from so your trip to NY/Bethel will be a memorable one. Please remember any sightseeing that requires a fee or sightseeing guide (outside of what is listed in your tour package) is not included in the package and it will be additional. We do not charge any fees to arrange your additional sightseeing. However, please let us know what you would like to include in your tour package and we will try to accommodate.

What is the rooming situation like with your Bethel Tours?

You will be staying in our own home. We arrange for groups of different makeup (families, couples, friends or single individuals). We will arrange the beds to accommodate the group accordingly before you arrive. There is a kitchen and living room available for our guests. 

Our rooms are private. We can room 1-5 guests per room. Depending on the needs there are twin beds, a full/double bed, a queen bed and king beds available. Please feel free to let us know what your needs are. There are 6 bedrooms and 4.5 bathrooms. The living room and kitchen are available for use by all of our guests. We have towels, hair dryers, washer and dryer and complimentary coffee in the mornings. 


We have 2 rooms that have a Jack and Jill bathroom between the rooms. We have one large room that will hold up to 5 guests and has it's own bathroom. We also have a 2 bedroom En suite that includes a bathroom and sitting area that will hold up to 7 guests. We also have another bedroom that will hold up to 3 guests and has access to the hallway full bathroom. 

Do I have to pay for the whole tour upfront?

We do not require a  deposit. We require full payment 60 days before your arrival date. This allows us to purchase your airfare in advance where we can get the best price to keep your tour package cost down.

What if we need to cancel our tour? Can we get reimbursed?

If it is before 60 days and no money has been exchanged you are free to cancel with no cost. Please inform us soon as you know so we can open up the calender to be available to the friends. If it is after 60 days and you have paid in full and in the event we have not purchased the airfare you will receive a full refund. If we have purchased your airfare, we will refund $500.00 back from the 8 day tour or $350.00 back from the 5 day tour. If you cancel a tour where you are responsible for purchasing your own airfare you will receive a full refund. Airlines do not allow us to get a refund on purchased airfare.

Do you accommodate people with special needs or health concerns/difficulties?

Absolutely. Our goal is to make Bethel accessible to as many people as possible. Please contact us with your specific situation and we will do what we can to accommodate your needs.

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